I had established my first travel agency eighteen years ago in London.

I have always loved travel. Within my twenties, I had non-stop bought plane tickets to travel around the world, where specifically I took a train through Thailand and Malaysia and had travelled to Australia. I think my trip to Australia was when I officially got bit by the travel bug, and I think I am proud to say that the wound has never healed.

My previous job was as an art gallery manager, but then I had decided that I wanted to have a career in the travel industry. Following this, I had moved to Bodmin, got a fresh new job as a Travel Agent at Newell’s Travel and since then I have been here arranging holidays, weddings, honeymoons, city-breaks – you name it.

What I love about Newell’s Travel is that no day is ever the same. I service unique clients and their unique ideas as to what makes a good holiday, and my great service and helpful advice pair perfectly with it.

Also, I love receiving feedback from clients. Clients regularly send me postcards from all over the world or emails with a photo or two enjoying their holiday. It is honestly such a rewarding part of the job! And It doesn’t matter what kind of holiday you have had booked, I just want to know you had a great time and then my job is done (well, until next year!)

Countries visited:

France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Holland, Belgium, Morocco, Tunisia, Iceland, Croatia, Albania, Mauritius, Seychelles, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, Fiji, USA, Cuba, Martinique, Jamaica, Bahamas, St Lucia, Kenya, South Africa, India, Canada and Brazil.

Favourite destination:

Brazil. It was the last country that I had visited before the lockdown started. Rio is the most beautiful city that I have ever seen, and it was such a pleasure visiting the country that I had dreamed to go-to ever since I was a child. My lodging was in Copacabana Beach, and it has such a unique laid back vibe. Music was played on every corner, people always played football or volleyball on the beaches – it just felt like a film set!

The locals are also very friendly and they made me feel safe. I even went to the Maracana Stadium to watch football and it was unbelievable how amazing the atmosphere was. The statue of Christ the Redeemer, SugarLoaf Mountain, and the Selaron Staircase are all about a £5 cab ride from Copacabana, so it was cheap to get to. And I cannot forget about the food – both delicious and cheap.

Last holiday:

I had loved discovering South and Latin America, so my bucket list would include more time in this part of the world. And even after many years of travel, I am always surprised and delighted when new destinations become available.

I am just discovering Saudi Arabia with its beautiful ancient hidden desert cities, Ethiopia for its stunning landscapes and cultural sites, and Bali and Komodo for their spirituality and fascinating culture. Seeing Angkor Wat in Cambodia and the Christ The Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janeiro for the first time on a TV programme made my jaw drop! And I cannot forget how I want to explore Canada’s West Coast which is just too big for one trip!

Overall, I love to travel. The more I travel, the longer my bucket list gets. And just seeing the world opening itself up to tourism, I just know that I have to see these places in my lifetime!

Where next?

Costa Rica. I love a bit of bird spotting, and there is nowhere on earth better than Costa Rica. With almost 10% of the world’s bird species in this small corner of Latin America, it is a must for anyone who loves their flora and fauna. It’s not just for nature lovers though.

It is also a great beach destination, with the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Caribbean on the other. I am looking forward to zip-wiring through the canopy of the jungle. It really does have something for everyone, especially for the adrenaline junkies out there!

Travel tip:

Roll up all of your clothes into very tight little rolls.

You’d be able to fit more of your items in your suitcase, but best of all there would be no creases on your clothes at all when you unpack.

Forget about that technique on the way back though – just stuff it in best you can!