I have worked in travel since 1988. My first step in the industry was when I worked as a trainee at Pickfords Travel. Ever since I had worked my way up to being a branch manager for Newell’s Travel.

I have seen many changes arouse from my early days to now. The internet barely existed, so all information had to be researched by books, and all travel tickets were handwritten. My love for travel reaches my teenage years and I have been very fortunate to have made some great friends along the way consisting of past colleagues, present colleagues, and many lovely clients. I even get ‘thank you’ letters, emails, and visits regularly from clients for helping them with their perfect holiday away – it is the best feeling ever!

Countries visited:

France, Spain, Austria, Germany, Norway, Belgium, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, USA, Thailand, Dubai, India, Caribbean, Tunisia, Morocco, Lapland, Malta & Portugal. I have been skiing, touring and cruising.


Favourite destination:

I love Greece. Greek people are very welcoming and the food is just delicious. Cruising to the Norwegian Fjords just felt so clean and fresh.

Last holiday:

My last trip happened before the COVID-19 pandemic, which was a trip to Malta. And like many others, I had to cancel some of my holidays during the peak of the pandemic, so I am looking forward to making up for the lost time as the world opens up its borders again.

Where next?

I have a family cruise to Italy all booked to go. We have also booked a New York trip later on in the year to celebrate my 50th birthday.

But I do have a bucket list: Route 66, the Maldives, a safari in South Africa and the Canadian Rockies (although the list will keep on expanding!)

Travel tip:

Do not put off travelling to another year.
We don’t know what the future holds so live for today!