I have wanted to work as a travel agent since I studied Travel and Tourism in college.

Coincidentally, I had made a holiday booking at Newell’s Travel before I became a travel agent in the company, and I received brilliant service!

I like working in Newell’s travel. It is like working with a warm and massive family, except we are simply just travel agents in an independent travel agency.

What I enjoy doing in my spare time is swimming, going on adventures, travelling, and taking walks with my dog.

Countries visited:

I have visited France (trip to Disney Paris), Spain-Salou, Canary Islands -Tenerife and Gran Canaria, USA (trip to Disney Florida), Turkey-Side, Greece-Corfu, Portugal-Algarve, Netherlands-Amsterdam, and Thailand.

Favourite destination:

Thailand. I have been on two separate occasions and visited various resorts in Thailand. I love exploring their culture and tasting a variety of Thai dishes.

Katie Symonds

Last holiday:

I went to Corfu in Greece. During my trip, I went on a boat trip to the caves, visited the blue lagoons, and went parasailing. Overall, it was a very beautiful experience!

Where next?

Lapland is booked for 2023, and Rome is on the list!

Travel tip:

Learn the country you’re visiting’s language.

When I travel to a foreign country, I try and learn basic words such as hello, goodbye, thank you, and please. They really appreciate it, regardless of your pronunciation.

It is a very respectful thing to do as well, as they speak English most of the time so I believe that we should return the favour.

My other tip would be that travel insurance is a must. Take out insurance as soon as you book your holiday (or even before!)