Hello! My name is Laura. I was born in Poland, so English is my second language.

I joined Newell’s Travel at the beginning of January 2022 after completing a two-year Travel and Tourism course in the sixth form. In my course, I received a grade of Distinction* for both years. I enjoy travelling as there is always a place to go for everyone, and you can always come home with new experiences and a story to share with family and friends.

Countries visited:

Before moving to Cornwall I have seen some lovely cities/towns across the UK, but my favourite cities boil down to London and Bristol.

Another thing to note is that the best fish and chips I’ve had were located in Great Yarmouth, following a fresh and hot doughnut by the seaside. Also, I loved Norwich and Milton Keynes. Both of the cities have great shopping facilities, while not being busy as London. My favourite place in Cornwall is Padstow. The harbour is very pretty, especially during the summer.




Favourite destination:

My favourite holiday was in Cyprus. The best part about it was standing on the love bridge and taking amazing photos of the sea and cliffs. I also loved swimming in the Blue Lagoon in Paphos during the springtime.

Last holiday:

I last enjoyed a historic holiday to France in Normandy. I visited all the war beaches from WW2 and walked across the Pegasus bridge; it was great to see how well kept it was. My favourite part of Normandy was going to Mont St Michel. Essentially, it is a huge version of St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall.

Where next?

My holiday plans for this year is to visit Monaco and stay in the South of France. However, I would love to visit Japan in the future and see the Tokyo Skytree as well as one of the temples.

I want to visit New York Times Square during Christmas when the streets are decorated with festive lights and even experience shopping amongst the Christmas cheer.

A Costa Rican tour is also a future destination trip so that I can experience the exotic wildlife, volcanoes, and golden sandy beaches.

And as bizarre as it may sound, I have never visited my country of origin so I would love to go back and enjoy some amazing Polish food. Alongside, I would love to experience a tour of Auschwitz and learn more about its history.

Overall, I have many dream destinations that I would like to visit in the future, but it is a never-ending list as I think there is so much to see!

Travel tip:

Never over-plan your trip!

Let your days unfold naturally and don’t stress.