I have decades of experience in the travel industry. I was the Office Manager of our Newell’s Travel branch in Newquay for over ten years and had held the same position at Let’s Go Travel before that. 

I always provide exceptional travel service to my customers, from recommending the best destinations with dependable providers and memorable excursions to organising the last leg of the journey home in comfort.

Also, I enjoy updating my directory with the latest luxury offerings and have relished opportunities to experience these in person, so allowing me to offer an authentic opinion of a destination’s suitability to my customers’ needs. 

When I am not booking holidays for my customers, I enjoy travelling with my husband and children. 

Countries visited:

Short Haul – France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Egypt, Portugal, Gibraltar, Holland, Norway, Denmark, Monaco, and Czech Republic.

Long Haul – Canada, California, Florida, South Africa, India, Maldives, Thailand, and Russia.

Debbie Rundle Photo

Favourite destination:

 My most memorable holiday was a trans-Atlantic MSC Cruise departing from Venice, Italy with the compass set for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The ship sailed through Venice’s Grand Canal and the ocean warmed each day until I docked in vibrant Recife. The bright colours, spirited sounds, wealth of edible delicacies and the diversity of local communities at each port honestly made it a once in a lifetime holiday.

And the final stop in Rio de Janeiro included unique excursions with local tour guides to favelas, sunrises from Christ the Redeemer and sunsets on Sugarloaf Mountain. From that experience, I think that MSC Cruises provide outstanding service and unmatched flexibility, with the ship’s star feature bringing some outstanding entertainment.

Last holiday:

My last holiday was to East Devon, which was in a dog-friendly, self-catering lodge and was peaceful with beautiful scenery, but with plenty to see and do.

Where next?

I am looking forward to booking a Southern States road trip in a Mustang convertible, driving from Chicago to New Orleans via Memphis and Nashville.

A stay at the Peabody Hotel and visiting Elvis’s Graceland in Memphis are also firmly on the plan. 

Travel tip:

Always pack less by taking a colour co-ordinated capsule wardrobe.