I have been in the travel industry for thirty-five years. I had spent most of these years as a Manager at Newell’s Travel Saltash. I have been lucky enough to always work with beautiful people in the Saltash branch; it creates a great working environment. I am pleased to call the staff here my friends as well as my colleagues.

We have many repeat customers in Saltash, which is lovely. I know so many people in Saltash that my husband says it’s like going out with the Queen whenever we’re out! We make a huge selection of holidays, including tailor-made itineraries and a large selection of cruises. The last two years have certainly taken their toll on the industry. Still, I finally feel that our customer’s confidence in us is returning, so we may be turning a corner.

Countries visited:

Australia, Thailand, USA, Seychelles, Egypt, UAE, Turkey, Spain, Mallorca, India, Austria, Bulgaria, Italy, France, Norway, Venezuela, Canary Islands, Greece, Tunisia, Poland, and Malta.

I specialise in ski holidays and ventures within my job, which coincidentally is also a passion of mine. I have skied in many places in Europe and the USA.

Favourite destination:

My favourite place I have visited was India. I have been lucky enough to go there twice! India’s atmosphere gave off many impressions and emotions: beautiful, happy, sad and shocking, all in equal measure.

Last holiday:

My last foreign trip was a family ski trip in Bulgaria in January 2022 -our first trip since the covid hit. It was incredible to be away, and the snow there was just perfect.

Where next?

South Africa is on the cards, and I look forward to seeing what Cape Town can offer.

In addition, to taking a trip up the Garden Route and into the Winelands. But top of the list would be seeing the Penguins at Boulders Beach.

Travel tip:

Get help from a reputable travel agent like us!

We can advise you on the perfect destination for any time of the year and help you with any confusing paperwork that you may come across. Also, make sure to broaden your horizons when you travel.

Last but not least, open your eyes to so many things – good or bad.