I chose to work in Newell’s Travel because I missed the travel buzz!

Being local to the branch with easy travel access and links to the heart of the city meant that working at the branch was ideal for me.

After spending many working years in airports/airline trade across the UK, I had been missing the hype of airport life. And when COVID-19  brought me back home to Cornwall, I knew I needed to be back in the industry; my heart just loves the exploration aspect of the industry!

The fact that I consistently learn about so many destinations daily is a new adventure. I love the variety of customers that I work with, their amazing holiday ideas, being able to create fantastic memories for them, and experiencing many different things the world has to offer. It truly is a magical job to be in.

Countries visited:

I have been very lucky in my own travel experiences, and I also try to take my children on as many adventures as we can – both in the UK and abroad.

I have visited Alicante & Benidorm. We are lucky enough to have friends who live there, so we often hop out for a lazy few days in the old town or stroll around the beaches.

If you go the views from Santa Barbara Castle over Alicante, the sunset there is just breath-taking. Make sure to take walking boots though! Also, definitely check out the parasailing options for the adrenaline-junkies. 

France, Germany, Majorca, Ibiza, Cyprus, Gran Canaria, Americas and Canada are also on my ‘countries visited’ list over the years; got to visit lots of islands in the sun. I’ve been very lucky in the holiday activities that I have done over the years – from speed boats to snow-boarding, from skiing to horseback-riding, and many theme park holidays.

Charlotte Bell Image

Favourite destination:

My favourite holiday would definitely be when I went off on my own in Alicante.

A week of bliss and adventure – I made 2 amazing friends who were also solo travellers from the US and Switzerland. I encountered a new dining experience at some of the best restaurants. I went parasailing which I really enjoyed and is something that I wouldn’t have done with my family (I had sent my mum a photo and she had a mini episode at me!).

Generally, I loved the freedom to explore, sit in street cafes, people-watch, and chill in beaches.

It really was one of the best experiences that I have ever had. I would highly recommend solo travelling to anyone who just needs a bit of alone time, or to reconnect with their inner soul.

Last holiday:

My most recent holiday abroad was Egypt, in August and boy was it hot hot hot!
We saw all of the sights there, and we even got to ride camels around the pyramids (they are very smelly though, so make sure to hold your nose!)

Where next?

My next trip would be a big one!

Me and my fiancé are planning t get married soon, and so have  planned the most amazing holiday: a few days in Las Vegas with a cheeky visit to Elvis at Graceland!

We will be going down to Universal Studio Orland,  followed by a seven-day cruise with MSC around the Bahamas’ and Mexico where I would get to encounter some amazing experiences like swimming with the dolphins, exploring the Mayan Temples, and getting to eat the most amazing foods and drinks that I would ever come across. Then, for another seven days,  we would be going to Disneyland California and the  Disney Pop Hotel in Orlando before heading home.

We are very excited for this – a lot of surprises are planned and booked!

I have realised that the best thing about tailoring holidays is that you can really make it a special something of your own, and can create a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you can tailor towards yourself. 

Travel tip:

Research the country/countries that you want to go.

Book early and do not leave your arrangements to the last minute (unless you really do not mind where you are going). Research your itinerary and the  the things you like to do.

I can make a million suggestions, but practically this is your holiday, your experience, and your dream. Be adventurous too –  we only live once. Experiences are far more valuable in life, and children should experience as many different countries, cultures and cuisines as possible. These would be unforgettable memories that they would treasure forever. I truly believe that travel is the best experience anyone can gain from life.

Live it to the max!