Cruise Specialists

Planning Your Cruise

As cruise specialists, Newell’s TRAVEL will help you to consider your interests before deciding on a destination.  Do you like warm-weather destinations? Consider the Caribbean, Cuba or South America.  Are you interested in history? Think about Europe or the Mediterranean.  How many days the ship spends at sea and how many in ports?  If you like a lot of activity and variety consider an itinerary with more days in port; if you like spending time on the open ocean, consider an itinerary with more ‘at sea’ days.  At this stage you will also decide on your cabin type and receive full details of the excursions on offer in all of the destinations that your cruise will visit.  Details of insurances, currencies, facilities on board and any other questions you may have can be answered by one of the experienced team of cruise specialists at Newell’s TRAVEL.

What to Bring

Keep both your destination’s climate and the cruise ship’s dress code in mind when deciding what clothes to pack.  The shorter the cruise, the less formal nights there are.  At the time of booking, Newell’s TRAVEL will give you further information on this.  As a rule ‘casual’ attire throughout the day, which includes shorts, trousers, blouses, and shirts; and skirts and trousers for evening attire (except on formal nights, when ladies wear evening gowns or cocktail dresses and gentlemen wear suits or tuxedos).  There is no limit on luggage size or amount*, just remember to leave some space for all of those unique souvenirs you will find as you travel the world.

* Restriction on luggage may be necessary on door-to-door car transfers.

Getting to the Ship

You may qualify for our Door to Door exclusive service.  However, having booked with us, you will be advised on parking or travel options that are convenient and cost effective.  On arrival at the ship, you will be given an itinerary of the cruise, excursion options, entertainment on board and your luggage is taken to your cabin.  Easy!  You are ready to relax and start your cruise holiday.

What to Expect on the Ship

How will you spend your days at sea?  Perhaps enjoying the sun on your face, whilst sipping a cocktail in the Jacuzzi or making friends in the gym.  Whatever you decide to do, you will be travelling in style and are spoilt for a choice of on board activities and entertainment.  Cruise holidays find you making lasting friendships as you dance the night away, impressed with the high quality of entertainment and dazzling costumes and marvel at the dancers ease as they move around the floor entertaining you.  On a cruise, you are fed and entertained, and someone else cleans your room.  It sounds basic, but isn’t that what we really want when we go on holiday?

The international and British crew complement are on hand to ensure this happens and assist at all times of the day, be it pointing you in the direction of one of the fascinating lectures on offer or booking your relaxing massage in the spa.  Unlimited food of a high standard is served by expert chefs and mouth-watering treats will tempt you during your stay on board.  As well as the spectacular evening shows, there are plenty of activities on board ranging from swimming pools, sauna, gym, Jacuzzi, duty free shop, library, card room and internet facilities to name but a few.  The ships are big enough to have all the facilities you need, yet small enough for you to feel completely at ease.  On the selection of cruises that Newell’s TRAVEL offer, you are treated as a person, and the staff will get to know you by name, and the barman will soon know your favourite drink.

As cruise specialists, Newell’s TRAVEL will ensure that you pick the cruise package which offers the facilities on board to cater for your needs.

Ports of Call

You are never required to get off the ship.  Some passengers prefer to spend the day on board the ship, perhaps when stopping at a port they’ve previously visited or if they prefer to have a relaxing day at the pool.  There are usually activities on board even when the ship is in a port.  At each port of call, you have the option of booking one of the shore excursions, or exploring on your own. All shore excursions can be booked during the cruise if you have not already pre-booked these with Newell’s TRAVEL.  From a close encounter with penguins in the Falkland Islands to a camel ride in Lanzarote’s Fire Mountain, we are sure you will be tempted by the fantastic options on offer.

A chance to meet people, make new friends, see many countries in one holiday, dress up, be entertained, have the adventure of a lifetime.  What will be your reason for choosing cruise holidays year after year with the award winning cruise specialists Newell’s TRAVEL?